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    Two simple topics have caused thousands of discussions. Do you have insomnia? Do you have troubles with hair loss? Many people have it, and even some people have been shot for both of these problems.

    Some people say that lack of sleep can cause hair loss, and the troubles of hair loss can lead to bad mood, insomnia... If things go on like this, it will be a vicious circle. However, lack of sleep does cause hair loss.

    Insufficient sleep can aggravate endocrine disorders and indirectly stimulate oil secretion. Hair follicles are an important metabolic organ of the body. If the secretion of oil is disordered and the burden on the hair follicles increases, it will affect the growth environment of the hair and cause hair loss. In addition, staying up late at night does not sleep, people are not energetic during the day, but still have to do mental work and study, the brain is not adequately rested, the nerves are always tense, blood circulation will also be affected, and it is even worse for people who are prone to hair loss.

    Therefore, in order to alleviate the symptoms of hair loss, it is still necessary to ensure sufficient sleep time. Before going to bed, you must touch your phone less, not eat too much, and strengthen physical exercise.

    But there are also many people who try to take shortcuts to improve the troubles of hair loss, such as combing the scalp.

    Many doctors say that there are many benefits to using a comb to comb your hair regularly. It has a stimulating effect on the scalp, can relieve vascular tension and spasm, prevent headaches, migraines, neurasthenia, etc. Comb can expand the intracranial blood vessels, stimulate the head and neck points, improve the oxygen supply of the cerebral blood vessels, thereby slow down the aging of brain cells, improve memory; regulate mental stress, especially anxiety and depression. It is better to treat hair loss. It can stimulate the scalp ends and capillaries, and promote blood 脂溢性脫髮.

    However, combing your hair frequently can protect your hair, and combs also have many requirements. For example, wash the comb frequently and keep the comb clean. At the same time, the material of the comb is also very important. A good comb can protect the hair scales from excessive damage and keep the cuticles intact. However, an inappropriate comb, although the irritation of combing the hair every time is not great, after years of hard work, the hair will get worse and worse.

    So many people choose to buy combs with good materials and workmanship, such as horn combs, mane combs, and so on. But there are also many people who worry about whether the horn combs all over the street are really made of horns? Will they be counterfeit products? Will you buy fakes?

    In order to allow consumers to buy with confidence and allow fakes to fish in troubled waters, many brand companies will choose professional anti-counterfeiting technologies, such as attaching quasi-characteristic encrypted intelligent identification labels on comb packages. When the customer holds the comb, he can know the authenticity of the product by scanning the mobile phone, as well as the material and craftsmanship of the comb.

    With the improvement of living standards, people's lives are becoming more and more exquisite, and combs are becoming more and more refined, and they can even be given as gifts, but if you choose the wrong fake, it will be embarrassing.

    Finally, although combing hair can also prevent hair loss to a certain extent, it is usually caused by a variety of factors. Specifically, you must listen to the doctor’s advice. First, it is best to start with improving sleep!

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